Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chris Chelios Linkorama

There have been a few articles recently about Chris Chelios's inclusion on the USA Olympic Team staff and about his desire to play hockey next year. A couple of these links I actually stumbled upon myself, and a couple are courtesy of Illegal Curve.

Allen (USA Today): Team USA staffer Chelios, 47, still looking for ice time

Canadian Press (via The Hockey News): Veteran blueline Chris Chelios determined to play pro hockey next year.

Roarke ( Chelios still wants to play, happy in adviser role

Simmons (Sun Media): Chelios asks Leafs for a job *

Wharnsby (Globe and Mail): Chelios inquired about joining Leafs *

* In this Daily Herald article about the orientation camp, Chelios's approaching Wilson about a job in Toronto is treated in a different light:
"He pulled me aside and said, 'You guys need a defenseman up in Toronto, don't you?'" joked Wilson, the Maple Leafs coach."
The Simmons post, however, specifically says that Chelios wasn't kidding.