Friday, August 14, 2009

64 NHL Badgers

A couple days ago, Paul Capobianco told us that every time a Badger plays in an NHL game, his picture gets added to the locker room wall. He further informed us that there currently are 64 such pictures. I highly recommend the photo gallery that he linked.

I thought it would be fun to see how many players I could name without looking. (By the way, I didn't look at the photo gallery until I was done.) I think I did pretty good by naming 46, but I'm fairly horrified that I missed 2 current NHL players, 2 current AHL players who recently played in the NHL, the 1st Badger to play in the NHL, and a few other guys I should've known.

Here's how I did. The players in regular text are the players I got, the players in bold are the ones that I missed.

Brian Elliott
Mike Richter
Curtis Joseph
Marc Behrend
Jim Carey
Terry Kleisinger (yeah, should've gotten him)
Wayne Thomas (1st NHL Badger)

Tom Gilbert
Davis Drewiske
Joe Piskula
Dave Tanabe
Paul Stanton
Mark Osiecki
Sean Hill
Barry Richter
Shaun Sabol
Craig Norwich
Chris Chelios
Brian Rafalski
Gary Suter
Ryan Suter
John Taft
Bruce Driver
Brian Engblom
Andy Wozniewski (currently in AHL)
Alex Brooks (currently in AHL)
Vic Posa
Peter Scamurra

Kyle Turris
Robbie Earl
Jack Skille
Jake Dowell
Joe Pavelski
Adam Burish
Dany Heatley
Steve Reinprecht
Gary Shuchuk
Chris Tancill
John Byce
Doug MacDonald
John Johannson
Tony Granato
Paul Ranheim
Scott Mellanby
Mark Johnson
Mike Eaves
Dean Talafous
Steve Alley
John Newberry
Dave Maley
Dan Plante
Pat Flatley
Rene Bourque (duh, still in NHL)
Brad Winchester (duh, still in NHL)
Jason Zent (should've guessed that one)
Steve Tuttle (should've known)
Paul Houck (should've known)
Brian Mullen (should've known)
Kelly Fairchild (should've guessed)
Matt Hussey (probably should've known, but I wasn't really paying attention)
Mike Meeker
Mike Blaisdell
Steve Clippingdale

Not sure what position
Steve Short