Monday, August 31, 2009

On a tangent...

For those who recall the Madison Ice Muskies, who were created about month ago in the fledgling Midwest Hockey League, you should know that they have had a change of plans.

The Midwest Hockey League is no more. They formed a merger with the year-old All American Hockey League, which absorbed the Muskies and key MHL personnell. It's noted that expansion teams (Milwaukee?) and IHL affiliations are still key elements for the six teams in the AAHL:

The merger had been the focal point of discussions for several months and
solidifies the AAHL as a premier “A” level minor professional hockey league. All
six franchises have strong ownership, business plans and commitments to both the
AAHL and their respective communities. In addition, the AAHL is very happy with
ongoing negotiations to have all of their teams affiliated with IHL teams.

“We are pleased that all parties were able to work together to
make this happen,” said Crawford. “All the issues that we were facing and
preventing a merger have been corrected and now we can move forward in a
positive manner.”

Expansion markets for 2010 and 2011 are already in the works, lending
enough time to effectively grow the league.