Sunday, August 16, 2009

US Olympic camps start this week

The US Men's Olympic orientation camp starts tomorrow (Aug 17-19, Woodridge, IL). Badgers at the camp include Brian Rafalski, Ryan Suter, Joe Pavelski, and Tom Gilbert.

The US Women's National Festival /National Team selection camp starts on Tuesday (Aug 18-24, Blaine, MN). Badgers at the camp include Molly Engstrom, Kerry Weiland, Jinelle Zaugg Siergiej, Erika Lawler, Jessie Vetter, Angie Keseley, Hilary Knight, Meghan Duggan, Brooke Ammerman, Geena Prough, Brianna Decker, and Chanda Gunn.) The 23-player National Team roster for the Qwest Tour will be named at the completion of the camp.

In case you were wondering, Canada's Men's Olympic orientation camp is the following week (Aug 24, Calgary, AB), and Dany Heatley is the sole Badger representative. Can't say that I know anything about any Olympic camps on the women's side, but the 26-player centralization roster (including Badgers Carla MacLeod and Meaghan Mikkelson) has already been named.