Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adam Burish Chat Transcript

Courtesy of, your #1 stop for information on that one team that I would hate with all of my heart and soul if not for the slew of Badgers in their system, that play in that Lord forsaken dump of a town where people act out their lame NASCAR fantasies on the freeway.

Whew. There's a good chance I blacked out while typing that. Anyways, here are a few choice Qs and As:

[Comment From Katie ]Whats the best thing about playing in Chicago?
Adam Burish: Probably two things... it's the best city of any
NHL city... and now every single game has the best atmosphere of any rink in the
Adam Burish: And we have the best jerseys.

[Comment From Kwin ]How are you going to uphold the title of
"Ladies Man" this year?
Adam Burish: I got a lot of work to
do. I don't think the guys will ever let me live that one down, but I'll do my
best and will always make sure I'm well dressed and my hair is combed.

[Comment From valentine19 ]what's the weirdest thing a fan has
ever said to you?
Adam Burish: At the Convention a couple
girls actually asked if they could sleep in my room for the night. Another asked
last year if I would think about getting married to her.

[Comment From Stephanie ]Do you have any nicknames we don't
know about that the team calls you?
Adam Burish: The guys just
call me Bur. I don't have any funny ones like some of the guys. But one of the
things guys laugh at about me is that whenever I get to the hotel on the road, I
wear my robe around the hotel. No nicknames that go with that though.

[Comment From Katie ]If you could have any goal song what would
you pick?
Adam Burish: Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me by Keith
[Comment From HAWKTALK ]What's your favorite band?
Adam Burish: Really been into country music this summer. My
buddy Brian O'Connell is the biggest country music promoter in the world (I had
to put that plug in for him)... he's taken me to a bunch of shows this summer.
Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, Brooks and Dunn are a few. On the rock side, Dave
Matthews Band and Pearl Jam.

(Note from EoDS: Once you're done shaking your head in shame, continue on...)

[Comment From Berto ]Are you Bears fan or Packers fan ???
Adam Burish: I gotta say I'm probably more of a Packers fan. I
cheer for the Bears when they're not playing the Packers. I like the Vikings
coach because he coached at Wisconsin, but don't like Brett Favre anymore.
[Comment From Badger Bill ]Where's the best place to grab a beer in
Adam Burish: The Kollege Klub on Lake and Langdon.
But there are other things to do besides drink beer and eat cheese in Wisconsin.

So what have we learned?
  1. UW athletes still love the KK.
  2. Burish is still a ladies man, and evidently wanders hotels dressed like Hugh Hefner.
  3. Bur should never be in charge of your stereo.
  4. Chicago has great jerseys.
  5. And when you're paid by people in Chicago, you're evidently willing to say nice things about the place.

So, really... we've learned nothing new. Also worth noting: A few brief, short and nice mentions/shoutouts to Tom Gilbert, Ryan MacMurchy, Coach Eaves and Coach Oz in the Q&A.