Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stealing from DPlaya: TW Minor / Jordan Schmaltz / WEHL

DPlaya had some good info this morning, and since I have nothing additional to post, I'm simply going to pass on his info. As always, thanks DP!

TW Minor has added a last-minute series v. Chicago Mission Minor this coming Saturday @ Madison Ice Arena (11 AM, 4 PM). Hmmm . . . perhaps the blog and a certain Door County resident will need to take a little trip . . . ?

DP was expecting future Badger defenseman Jordan Schmaltz to play for the Chicago Mission Minor team this season, but he made the Major roster, so we won't get to see him play this weekend.

DPlaya also gives some love to the WEHL, saying, "The rosters for teams in both the Elite U16 and Elite U18 divisions are very impressive. It's not difficult to see how the WEHL should really continue to pay off in building the depth of quality hockey players in the state of Wisconsin, especially now with leagues reaching all the way down to U-14's as well as to girls hockey."