Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What if you could trade players in college hockey?

Obviously this is unrealistic since there is no possibility of something like this happening, but for the sake of argument, think about this hypothetically. If you were running the Wisconsin program, and had the ability to make trades, what would you like to see done and more specifically, WHO would you want to see in the cardinal and white?

Even though this is a hypothetical, some players are just un-touchable. You're not going to be able to trade for a Matt Frattin or Jason Zucker type player because they are franchise players. So realistically, who would you add at the trade deadline to improve the Badgers for the stretch run?

Personally, I think Wisconsin needs a forward or two. Specifically a goal scorer or two. There are a lot of great forwards for the Badgers this season but not a lot of great goal scorers. Most of the teams at the top of the WCHA standings won't be willing to part with scorers because they too are looking to make a push for the NCAA tournament.

So who do you target? Matt Read from Bemidji State would be an immediate impact player but the price would most likely be too steep since he's the Beavers best player and it's not worth it for only one season since he's a senior.

Tommy Grant from Alaska-Anchorage is having a nice season, but he too is a senior, and if you're going to make a move, you'd like to receive more than a rental.

The player I would target is Sophomore forward David Eddy from St. Cloud State. Sure, Eddy may be a little rough around the edges. He missed the first half of the season due to grades, and was a healthy scratch for a few weekends early in the second half after the incident in Florida. But Eddy brings things that this Wisconsin team could use.

Since stepping into the St. Cloud lineup as a freshman Eddy has proven that he has the ability to put points on the board. Eddy had 12 goals last season as a freshman and has 6 already this season even though he's only played 12 games. He's a potential 20 goal scorer in a full college hockey season.

He also puts himself in a position to be successful. He's not afraid to go hard to the net and he's been rewarded this year. Goal scorers have a knack for finding themselves in the right places and Eddy can find those places.

If you were in the Wisconsin "front office" who would you go after?

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