Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Positive news for Daubenspeck

Just wanted to keep everyone updated, Jamie Spencer, who is one of Kirk's freinds and was a captain at Wisconsin when Dauber was between the pipes posted an update this afternoon in the "Please Pray for Kirk Daubenspeck" facebook group that certainly should give everyone hope.

"Your prayers and positive energy have made its way through Peggy and into Kirk. A small miracle unfolded moments ago when Dauber lifted his eyelids and raised his glove hand to greet us. There has been a positive vibe in the room all morning and things are moving in a good direction. Keep sending your energy and prayer and we'll send you updates in return. We have at least a dozen people here from all facets of Dauber's life and it was his mother-in-law who ultimately woke him (we'll ask him about this later)."-Jamie Spencer

Keep fighting Dauber.

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