Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blake Geoffrion bobble head night tomorrow

Looking for a hockey fix with the Wisconsin men's hockey team having a much needed weekend of rest? Look no further than the Milwaukee Admirals.

Tomorrow night (Friday), the Admirals are giving away Blake Geoffrion bobble heads to the first 5,000 fans in attendance courtesy of Lee Jeans.

The Admirals will be wearing special red jerseys like the one in the picture on the left that are currently being auctioned online at and bidding goes until noon Friday. Winning bidders will meet the player after the game and get to take the jersey home that night. The current bid for the Geoffrion jersey is only at $550.

Additionally Bucky Badger and the Wisconsin band will be in attendance at the game for their annual trip to the Bradley Center. According to the release from the Admirals, the band will play during the game and will play a special "fourth period" after the game on the ice.

Geoffrion has been playing great hockey as of late and recently had a 5 point night that he explained as "one of those nights where the puck was fin­ding my stick and I was fin­ding guys on the ice and the pas­ses were get­ting through." Blake also has been doing some blogging for the Tennessean which you can find here. For his play recently, Blake was named the Reebok/AHL player of the week.

The Badger men have the weekend off, the women are in Bemidji, the men's basketball team and the Packers don't play until Sunday so why not make the short trip to Milwaukee and see some future NHL stars and support Blake on his big night. Blake brought us our first Hobey, the least we can do is support him.

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