Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time to back this team, not bash them

Wisconsin's record in the month of February is anything but attractive. The Badgers are 0-5-1 since the month of cupids and hearts began. They've given up 27 goals for an average of 4.5 per game and only scored 14, for an average of 2.3 per game. Uninspired play has led to the team dropping from 4th in the conference to 7th, and from 7th in the nation in the PWR which is used to determine the 16 NCAA tournament teams to an ugly 21st.

The team team held a players only meeting last night after their latest embarrassment, a 7-3 blowout at the hands of St. Cloud State who started the weekend in 11th place in the conference.

The fans are getting restless, and many have voiced their displeasure in various forms of blog comments, message boards and twitter. I wouldn't be honest if I told you that I wasn't guilty of this as well. Frustrated from the latest slide, I too voiced my displeasure last night after the game.

Having a day to collect my thoughts and think things through, my tone has changed. This isn't a time for the fans to start pointing fingers at individual players. This isn't the time for Wisconsin fans to start pointing fingers at the coaching staff. This isn't the time to play the blame game.

This is the time that the Wisconsin fan base needs to get together and rally around the team. This is the time that Wisconsin fans need to sell out the Kohl Center for the biggest hockey series of the season. This is the time that Badger fans need to prove why they are the best fans in college hockey.

It's easy to be a fan of the team when everything is peaches and cream. It's easy to be a fan of the program when they are once again on their way to the Frozen Four. It's easy to be a fan when the team has won 12 of 13.

It takes real fans to support the team when things look like they have hit absolute rock bottom. It takes real fans to support the team when they have just haven't won in a month and have dropped from 7th to 21st in the Pairwise.

This team needs the fans to step and and support them right now. This team is practically BEGGING the fans to step up and support them right now.

I'm going to continue blogging my ass off and cheering my ass off for this program the rest of the season. Who's with me?

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