Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super cheap tickets available for road series at UNO

I alluded to it earlier when in my links post but I found more information to pass along that I felt was worth a stand alone post. If you missed it earlier, Nebraska-Omaha, Wisconsin's opponent this weekend has started a campaign to sell out their arena for this Friday night. They have even started a website "selloutwisconsin.com"

Tonight I got word that there is going to be a ticket promotion late tonight where you can purchase tickets for as cheap as $6.

According to the article: "UNO is offering a Web-only ticket special for Friday's game through omahasteam.com. Starting at 1 a.m. Wednesday, the cost of tickets will be $5 plus the hour of the day in which they are purchased. Tickets bought during the 1 a.m. hour will cost $6, and they will increase in price by $1 each hour until the promotion ends at 7 a.m."

So if you were interested in making the trip to Omaha this weekend for what should be an awesome WCHA hockey series you can save some cash by staying up tonight and purchasing tickets through the Omaha's Team website.

Almost 400 tickets have been sold since I made the post earlier today about selloutwisconsin.com so hopefully some of those were Badger fans. Wisconsin is only 2 points behind UNO for fourth place in the league so I'm expecting two great games.

If you can't make it to Omaha this weekend, remember that Friday night's game will be broadcast live on the Wisconsin channel and will be webcast at wpt.com/wisconsinchannel. There is no TV for Saturday but you can purchase the video feed on B2Live.

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