Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wisconsin High School Playoffs Start Today

Today marks an exciting time in sports, the kickoff of the WIAA State High School Playoffs. While certainly not as big of a stage as the counterpart in Minnesota, it is a fun event and the culmination of a lot of players careers.

Granted, most of the good teams don't start until Thursday/Friday, but there is a good amount of games going on tomorrow. Wisconsin Prep Hockey.net has had great coverage of the tournament for years, and years, and years and I assume D-Playa is going to have full coverage as well. So if you are looking for some good info on the tournament make sure you check out those two sources over the next three weeks.

The field is as wide open as ever and there is a huge number of teams that could end up winning it. I handicapped the field to try and put some perspective on who I think has the best chance at carrying home the gold trophy in early March. It was hard to balance how good I thought a team was with the how tough the road to get to the title was going to be. A team like Superior benefits from a weak sectional, where as a team like Stoughton is penalized because they are going to have to beat tougher opponents to advance.

State Tournament Predictions:

Section 1-Superior
Section 2-Eau Claire Memorial
Section 3-Wausau West
Section 4-Onalaska
Section 5-Notre Dame Academy
Section 6-Middleton
Section 7-Catholic Memorial
Section 8-Arrowhead

Superior over Eau Claire Memorial
Wausau West over Onalaska
Catholic Memorial over Arrowhead
Notre Dame Academy over Middleton

Superior over Wausau West
Notre Dame Academy over Catholic Memorial

Notre Dame Academy State Champions