Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bohmber impresses in win over Purple Cows

I was impressed last night in the play of Andy Bohmbach and so was Andy Baggot. If you weren't, you either didn't watch the game or don't like people from Hudson, WI or a mindless gopher fan who still thinks Alex Wangas is a good goalie. The Badgers won 8-4.

The Bohmber scored a beautiful goal to tie things up early after Brett Bennett (started in net) let in a softy in the opening minute of play. The Bohmber later assisted on a few nice goals, including a Ben Grotting breakaway. A 1-2-3, +3 night will hopefully lead to continued production from my favorite Badger.

This SHOULD move the Bohmber back up to the 3rd line, because I think a line of Bohmber/Bendi/Mitchell or Grotting could be the difference late in the season, as that line could score especially if Mitchell starts to play better; he had two nice assists last night. What other team is going to roll a 3rd line that good?

Blake "Captain Asskicker" Geoffrion continued to put up Hobey Baker type numbers, notching 2 more goals and an assist, and now has 21 goals on the season. First Badger since Robbie Earl & Plover, WI's Joe Pavelski both cracked 20 during the 2006 Championship run.

Michael Davies added two assists and Bredan Smith went 1-2-3 from the blue line. A trio of Hobey Candidates?

One thing I like about this team is that some weekends some of the top guys have off nights, this weekend was Derek Stepan, but due to incredible depth, its ok, as next week he'll probably be lighting up the box score.

My only criticism of last night's game is Brett Bennett. Too many soft goals that are ok against Mankato when the team hangs 8 in your support, and while Goody has had a few softies lately he continues to make big save after big save, and Bennett looks shaky out there. As my buddy who I share tix w/ on saturdays wisely stated, if Mankato wasn't so bad, all those chances they had close in would have been goals on a good team (Denver, Miami (OH), etc). The defense was sloppy last night too, but Goody picks up the slack much better as the last brick in the wall, compared to B^2. I think in games that matter (like next weekend) Goody needs to be minding the net, the rotation can return for the series w/ Tech.