Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recruiting: Looking Down The Line

Looking at potential forwards down the road for the classes of 2011-2012 there are many names that come up. One of those is Hudson forward Ryan Dau. Dau is a 1993 born junior forward with the Raiders. I've gotten to see Ryan play multiple times over the past two seasons between his high school schedule and with Team Wisconsin minor. I've come away impressed every time.

I made it out to Hudson's playoff game last Thursday at New Richmond where Dau had his hands on two outstanding goals. I was very excited when I saw that d-playa found video of them on youtube.

In the first goal, a short handed goal, watch the puck patience and awareness that Dau shows coming down the ice. He is #8 on white. Most high school kids coming down would try to take that to the net or get a weak shot off. Watch how Dau has his head up and baits the defesneman and the goalie to commit to him while the whole time he knows that he has a teammate wide open breaking down the slot.

The second goal is even more impressive than the first. Hudson is again short handed and a New Richmond player finds himself wide open with the goalie way out of position. Dau dives in front of the shot and makes a ridiculous save, gains control of himself, gets out to the point and blocks a second shot! Then he picks up the loose puck, shows his elite speed and beats both defensemen to give himself a break away and scores when he gets to the other end.

Granted, we're talking about high school hockey here but those are two very nice goals. Dau played on the TW minor squad that made it to nationals last season and is trying to do the same again this season. In the fall session of TW, Dau was second on the team in scoring with 28 points in 28 games but was first in points per game.

Dau will most likely play with Hudson and TW major next season and move on the USHL for the 2011 season. He should be a real nice recruit for someone in the 2012 class. He'll be a name to remember over the next couple of seasons.

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