Saturday, February 20, 2010

Someone Explain What Pat Johnson Brings This Team?

Besides a famous family, can someone explain to me what Patrick Johnson brings the Wisconsin lineup? It seems to be getting worse, and worse as the season goes along.

Has anyone seen Podge Turnbull or Derek Lee lately? I mean I honestly think the only possible explanation to why Pat Johnson is still in the lineup every night is that Podge Turnbull has gone missing right? I just can't believe the University hasn't put out a press release and put out an Amber Alert or something.

I thought that one of the biggest strengths of this team was supposed to be the depth of our forwards. Yet we continue to put up with lackluster efforts by Patrick Johnson on an every weekend basis.

I just cannot find a reason why he deserves to be in the lineup no matter what, and Podge Turnbull is up in the crowd wearing a suit.

At least when Podge is in the lineup he brings an edge, a physical edge that could be paired with Grotting to give our fourth line some more grit and a physical presence. That's a lot better than Johnson floating around with his pretty clear Itech Concept II mask, afraid of getting hit.

I just find it hilarious that Eaves would sit Michael Davies the first weekend of the season, Brendan Smith the second game of the season, and John Mitchell during the CHS, all established players, but for some reason refuses to sit Patrick Johnson.

I'm baffled, can someone help me?

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