Monday, February 22, 2010

Updated Olympic Hockey Televison Schedule

I've been having a tough time keeping track of what Olympic hockey teams are playing on what day and what time and on what channel so I figured I'd try and put together a list of dates, times, and channels for myself, and I might as well post it on here in case anyone else is having as much trouble as I am of keeping track.

Wisconsin is represented on both Canada and the United States men's and women's teams so I will list the TV Schedules for ALL four of those squads first.

I also plan to do some live blogging during the tournament on day games with Badger players playing. It's going to be tough for people to watch weekday-day games so I'll try and provide as much coverage online as possible to keep you updated. I'll also list the games I plan on live blogging.

All times Central Standard

Monday (2/22): Women's Semi-Finals
2:00 PM USA vs Sweden (USA Network, HD)
7:00 PM Canada vs Finland (CNBC)

Tuesday (2/23): Men's Elimination Round
2:00 PM Switzerland vs Belarus (USA Network, HD)
7:00 PM Canada vs Germany (CNBC)
9:00 PM Czech Republic vs Latvia (CNBC)
11:30 PM Slovakia vs Norway (CNBC)

Wednsday (2/24): Men's Quarter-Final Round
2:00 PM USA vs Switzerland/Belarus (NBC, HD)
6:00 PM Russia vs Canada/Germany (CNBC)
9:00 PM Finland vs Czech Republic/Lativa (CNBC)
11:30 PM Sweden vs Slovakia/Norway (CNBC)

Thursday (2/25): Women's Medal Round
1:00 PM Women's Bronze Medal Game (MSNB)
5:00 PM Women's Gold Medal Game (MSNBC)

Friday (2/26): Men's Semi-Final Round
2:00 PM Men's Semi-Final Round (NBC, HD)
8:00 PM Men's Semi-Final Round (CNBC)

Saturday (2/27):
9:00 PM Men's Bronze Medal Game (MSNBC)

Sunday (2/28):
2:00 PM Men's Gold Medal Game (NBC, HD)

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