Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Preview: Guddy Gets Back To Back Starts!

I'm not going to say that this is an absolute must win game for the Badgers, but we've already given up two points at home and we simply cannot afford to give up any more points at home this weekend.

St. Cloud State proved last night that they are worthy of their lofty ranking and we laid an absolute stinker. One of the biggest issues for this team this season has been trying to find a level of consistency. We did nothing to dispel that trend last night.

Tonight it's senior night, and you have to assume that our seven seniors are going to want to come out, and kick some ass. With that said, I like our chances.

EDIT: When I made the original post I had not seen Wisconsin's lineup yet. I'm very happy that Eaves has decided to go back to Gudmandson tonight. It's time for him to seize the role of the starting goaltender. Good move coach.

Wisconsin Badgers

Jordy Murray-Blake Geoffrion-Craig Smith
Ben Street-Derek Stepan-Michael Davies
John Mitchell-Aaron Bendickson-Patrick Johnson
Andy Bohmbach-Sean Dolan-Ben Grotting

Ryan McDonagh-Jake Gardiner
John Ramage-Brendan Smith
Cody Goulobef-Justin Schultz

Scott Gudmandson

St. Cloud State Huskies

David Eddy-Aaron Marvin-Ryan Lasch
Tony Mosey-Garrett Roe-Travis Novak
Ben Hanowski-Drew LeBlanc-Brian Volpei
Jordy Christian-Nick Oslund-Ryan Peckskamp

Chris Hepp-Garrett Raboin
Oliver Lauridsen-Taylor Johnson
Sam Zabkowicz-Craig Gaudet

Mike Lee

The game is being televised on the Time Warner Sports Channel if you have Time Warner. It's on Chanel 14 in Madison, and Chanel 9 in the western part of the state.

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