Monday, February 8, 2010

Rumpel commits for 2011

On schedule, Joel Rumpel commits for the 2011 season, and Badger fans can breath a little sigh of relief about the goaltending situation following the graduations of Scott Gudmandson and Brett Bennett.

Editted on 2/9/09

Baggot added the following yesterday. Rumpel's coach at Penticton draws comparisons between him and Brian Elliott. A little soon for that, but I love this kid's size, one thing you can't teach, Jeff Sanger can do the rest.

In addition, Baggot had a little more on Rumpel today. I agree that it is a good thing for Rumpel to return to the BCHL to be the man for Penticton next season before arriving. A) he wouldn't play here next year & there is probably not any schollie money and B) he'll need the experience of playing 45 games or so to prepare for possibly being the #1 right out the gate as a frosh. He will be 20 as a freshman, which is always a bonus.

The same article mentions the rankings from RedLine Report which has 2010 recruit Michael Mersch at #56 and John Ramage at #198 for the 2010 NHL Draft. While Mersch wasn't a worldkiller when the U-18 team visited in early January, he has the size and rare talent to be a great power forward at Wisconsin. Next season he'll only be a senior in high school, in age, but accelerating to come in, so he'll have some growing to do yet.