Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Women's Hockey News

Hockey in Wisconsin has had a sister site (literally) for some time, Del Scanlon covers girl's/women's hockey in Wiscosnin. I hadn't taken a look at this site before, but today I strolled over there, take a look.

Del had a few links that I hadn't seen before about the Badger Women. Edit: Dplaya also contributes to the Women's hockey blog; I missed that and don't want to leave him out of proper credit.

Hilary Knight (aka da bomb, aka the best female forward in the nation) was interviewed by the USA Today about making the Olympic team. Definately a good read; she's a lock to wear the Red, White and Blue next February.

Also, I'd been wondering if the Kelter Twins were still going to be joining the Women's Hockey team. Well, Alev and Derya are both on scholarship to play for the Badger Women's Soccer team. Apparently Alev is all world at both soccer and hockey, and her sister isn't far behind. They will both take to the ice when the soccer season ends, which ends in early November. The twins will miss a good chunk of the 1st half of the season. W/ the likely loss of Knight and Duggan to the Olympics, I wonder if the Badgers won't be a little shorthanded until the Kelter's can join the team. Maybe the Women's team can borrow a few forwards from the Men's team (sarcasm).

Lastly, Beyond the Dashers has begun to compile the Women's schedule as other teams release their's. The Badgers are on the last page.