Monday, June 22, 2009

Men's Hockey Video Series: Part 1

History tells us to a degree that when you're an upperclassman team you have an excellent chance of doing something special.
-- Mike Eaves
Not quite sure how I missed this; the date on the release is dated 6/19, but I just noticed it today. [Hangs head] Anyway, Mike Eaves is featured in a 3-part video series previewing the 2009-10 Badger Men's Hockey season. In Part 1, he discusses the makeup of the team, including returning players and incoming freshman. Here are the questions he addresses:

- What are your thoughts on having a largely upperclassman team?
- How do your defensemen look this year?
- Who do you see stepping up offensively this year?
- What can fans expect to see from the goaltenders?

So, is anyone besides me starting to get a little bit fired-up yet? (Gandalf, of course, doesn't have to "start" getting fired-up, because he's already there. I, of course, have been dormant lately, so I'm just waking up and getting started.)