Monday, June 15, 2009

How many shoes would a Shuchuk chuck if a Shuchuk could chuck shoes?

Kind of a silly question. Because the question implies that a Shuchuck couldn't chuck shoes, whereas I'm pretty sure that a Shuchuk could chuck shoes, and with pretty good aim. I'm not gonna test this hypothesis -- for 2 reasons -- I have slow reflexes and no faith that I could duck fast enough, and I have complete faith in all of Shuchuk's abilities. Honestly, who questions Gary Shuchuk??

Anyway, our good friend tdd (thanks, tdd!) was kind enough to pass along this USA Hockey Magazine article about Gary Shuchuk and his TW U16 team that advanced to the National Championship quarterfinals (and won the WAHA and Central District championships) in his 1st year behind the TW bench. In addition to mentioning his 1990 NCAA Championship with the Badgers and that he played with Wayne Gretzy and Stevie Y during his NHL career, the article also mentions Shuey's "sick hands", furthering my assertion that he really could chuck shoes. Seriously though, the kids have some nice things to say about Shuey, and by all accounts his players like him a lot. Nice to see Shuey doing well, and I can't tell you how happy I am that he's coaching youth hockey in Wisconsin!