Sunday, June 28, 2009

More on the NHL Draft and other stuff

The Edmonton Oilers top scout has some thoughts on Troy Hesketh that are worth checking out. He was highly regarded by the organization, and the Oilers give Coach Osiecki some props for the work he does recruiting and developing top blue liners at UW.

I was looking for something similar from the Nashville Predators about Craig Smith, but no luck. They mention Craig in this draft recap, and from their draft blog the Preds say the following about Craig:

"Decent size, good speed, high energy guy. Tremendous work ethic. We’ve always appreciated his speed and his work ethic and then this past year he was able to provide some offense for his team; that has really come along. We think he has a bright future. "

Congrats to Troy and Craig on being drafted in the NHL and having a dream come true.

On to the other stuff, Baggot mentions that all six new Badgers are on campus and getting ahead of the curve. The Men's Basketball team has had a successful summer program of having incoming players take summer classes to get use to school, the campus and the City, and Coach Eaves is following suit for the Hockey team. Justin Schultz and Derek Lee, as Canadians, need the classes to be allowed to come to campus to praticipate in the off season strength and conditions which is also occuring.

Over at HIW, Dplaya has the following snipet:

The incoming Freshmen are on campus practicing with the veterans from the UW Men's Hockey Team. I heard from a source today that Ryan McDonagh has an absolutely great work ethic and has returned to school at about 225 pounds and chiseled. I also hear that Craig Smith and John Ramage have looked great at practice thus far and have really stood out.

I love good news! Dplaya also mentions that Wes Wauters has made the Gamblers 30 man roster, and that another recruit and Gambler Sean Little has again broken his hand during a fight during the tryout camp. I'm excited to see Sean play again this season, to see how his role w/ the team expands. Last season he was a 4th line grinder, energy player, but he definately showed some skill too.