Thursday, June 25, 2009

Team Wisconsin Linkorama

This is where I steal links from WSN! (If you already read their hockey blogs, which of course I highly recommend, you can skip this entire post.)
  • First, before I steal links from the WSN blogs, I should mention that WSN (home of DPlaya's HIW blog and Scanlon's/DPlaya's Girls Hockey blog) has added another hockey blog: WiscoHockey written by Chris Walby. Walby, who is GM and Head Coach of the program, says he does "scouting, evaluations, tournament coverage, and a little bit of everything else". I've added a link under our Recruiting Links on the left.
  • DPlaya shares his thoughts on last weekend's Team Wisconsin Performance Camp.I'm especially happy to hear that he thinks TW Minor "has the potential to be really good". I'm sure DPlaya and/or Walby will post TW rosters when they're available, so stay tuned.
  • For hockey players who don't make the TW rosters, Walby offers encouragement and recommends the Wisconsin Elite Hockey League (WEHL), which is where I believe Gary Shuchuk coached before accepting the TW Minor head coach position.
  • DPlaya mentions that Badger recruit Jordan Schmaltz and fellow Wisconsinites Jake McCabe, Ryan Dau, Joe Fiala, Alex Racino, Nick Szopinski, and Trevor Morbeck will be participating in the Select 16 National Tournament. DPlaya also says he heard that both Mark Osiecki and Kevin Patrick plan on attending the camp. Who wants to be a Badger?
  • DPlaya has information on the U16 and U19 rosters (to date) for the Girls Hockey Tier I Championship.
  • I'm a bit late on this (sorry!), but Scanlon reports that the WEHL is expanding this year to include a girls league.
Thanks to DPlaya, Walby, and Scanlon for their work!