Thursday, June 11, 2009

More on Alex Rigsby

While Baggot hasn't reported on Tom Bardis yet, he did have a nice article about 2010 Women's recruit Alex Rigsby. If you recall, Alex made history earlier this summer by being the first female drafted by a USHL franchise. In addition, she was the backstop of the USA U-18 gold medal team coached by Mark Johnson. That team included two other 2010 recruits in Brittany Ammerman and Madison Packer.

She will be attending the Chicago Steel's camp this summer, and if the opportunities arises, could be the first female to ever play in the USHL.

According to WHKY Blogger on USCHO, the original name of the article was "Better than Vetter?" It sounds like she is going to be another great addition to the Badger Women, but I certainly wouldn't go that far until she wins a National Championship and get a bunch of shutouts.

Jessie will be the pillar every female goalie in the country looks up to for some time, I would venture.