Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alex Rigsby cut at Chicago Steel Camp

2010 Women's recruit Alex Rigsby recently attended the USHL's Chicago Steel's tryout camp. If you recall, she was the first female every drafted by a USHL team.

She did well at the camp, and made it to the all-star games at the end of the camping beating out several boys for that camp honor, but at the end there was not a spot on the roster for her for the coming season. Thanks to Illegal Curve for catching up w/ Alex after the camp.

Despite the fact that Alex was cut, she is a winner in this situation, and did Women's Hockey a small service as well. The experience she gained playing against some very good male junior competition can only make her a better hockey player. Sure she's been playing against boys w/ the Jr Admirals, but I'd guess the all star events in particular would be against much better competition. She's going to take what she learned and likely Mark Johnson will get an even better goalie in the Fall of 2010. As for Women's Hockey, she showed that a girl can play w/ the boys at the highest level of junior competition in the US, and gives young girls everywhere something more to strive for.

She isn't sure where she will land for the coming season; I think the Janesville Jets should give her a tryout for their new NAHL team.