Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Way Too Early 2011 Lineup Guesses

Jordy Murray-Craig Smith-Derek Lee
Michael Mersch-Mark Zengerle-Tyler Barnes
Joseph LaBate-Jefferson Dahl-Jason Clark
Ryan Little-Keegan Meuer-Gavin Hartzog
Sean Little-Matt Paape-Brendan Woods
Tyler Lapic

Justin Schultz-Frankie Simonelli
Jake McCabe-John Ramage
Joe Faust-Eric Springer
Chase Drake-Patrick Daly

Joel Rumpel
Mitch Thompson

Initial thoughts: Craig Smith is still your #1 center and pair him up with veteran Jordy Murray again that's a no brainer in my book. Due to a lack of true centers on the roster you move Mark Zengerele back to his natrual position of center on the second unit and hopefully generate more scoring down the roster next season. I initially had Mersch up with Smith and Murray but I like the way Lee played down the stretch and I think he's a little quicker and should be a better fit with those two.

Dahl gets an expanded role on the third unit but has some inexperienced wings in freshman LaBate and sophomore Jason Clark. Fourth line will be fairly deep this year as R. Little, Meuer, and Hartzog all saw minutes this season. S. Little, Paape, Woods, and Lapic should all see some time here as well.

Defensively I think you've got a pretty clear cut top 6. You could slice the pairings a few different ways but this is what I liked.

Feel free to post your thoughts.

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