Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thanks Again Seniors

Brett Bennett: You decided to transfer in here after a few seasons at Boston University knowing that you were going to be going up against a player in your same class at the same position. You battled injuries and at times spent lengthy periods of time without starts. Never once did you voice displeasure over your situation. You handled everything like a professional, like a Badger. Thank you.

Sean Dolan: Never the flashiest player, but always got the job done. The consummate veteran centerman. Will be remembered at Wisconsin for having the honor of wearing the captains "C" as a senior. You embody the spirit of a Wisconsin captain and I know you will carry that honor with you your entire life. Thank you.

Scott Gudmandson: After two untested seasons to start your career in Madison you there were many question marks. Another goalie was even brought in to challenge you. Yet you stayed focused, helped backstop the team to an NCAA Championship game as a junior. You came back your senior season and were even better. Thank You.

Patrick Johnson: With your last name brings great expectations. You never once shied away from that. When the team was faltering down the stretch this season you stepped up and took things into your own hands, scoring 5 goals in the last 5 games of the regular season. Exactly what a Johnson would do. Thank you.

Craig Johnson: Coming in as a freshman walk on out of the NAHL, no one was sure what to expect out of you. By the time you were a senior you turned yourself in to a fan favorite for steady play, night in and night out. One of the biggest compliments a defenseman can have is when you can go a game without hearing their name much. There are a ton of games that I don't even remember you playing because you rarely put yourself in bad spots to get beat. Thank you.

Podge Turnbull: For one reason or another you were in and out of the lineup most of your career but always seemed to make the most of your time on the ice. As an NHL draft pick you could have caused a stir, or turned pro and bolted but you stayed for your four years, and put up with some injustices because you're a Badger. Thank you.

This senior class started with nine, and along the way lost a few to the pros, and added a transfer. It's been an honor to watch you six throughout your careers at the University of Wisconsin. You were a part of a team that played for a National Championship. And while you didn't ultimately get that ring, you will forever be remembered as Badgers. My hat is off to you all.

Thank you.

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