Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guest Post from @TheBVB

Editors Note: The views of @TheBVB do not necessarily reflect the views of the members of this blog.


Since Chuck is busy bitching on twitter about whom the All WCHA Third Team Goalie is. I thought as his assistant, I needed to step up, and talk about what really matters. The battle in Colo-rado. Since we finally got our heads out of our asses last weekend; Sconnie Nation finally has some optimism for this team for the first time since the protesters invaded the capital. Below are the keys to punching our ticket to St. P.

1. GET THE POWER PLAY GOIN: Since the start of the Minnesota series, the Badgers have been absolutely pitiful when a man up (4 for 30). Schultz took out his sniper rifle during the third period on Saturday, which hopefully means this unit can take that momentum to Colorado Springs.

2. SCRETT GUNDMENNETT: Everyone knows how a hot goalie can turn a series. Hopefully one catches fire this weekend.

3. SENIORS: With the doom and gloom of possibly playing their last weekend of college hockey, anything we do this weekend will start with the senior six-pack. As Chuck pointed out earlier this week, PJ has been killing it with fellow six-packer Podge and (freshman) Barnes (Barnes has been really impressive the past few weeks). We know Craig Johnson and Dolan will be fired up and ready for this weekend. Of course we will need a huge weekend out of SCRETT!

Hopefully there will be a few Badgers out in Colorado making some noise. I wish them luck, because if the CC fans are all like the ones I saw in Madison (Think Cowboy Hat, Shorts, and Sandals), that stadium must smell like dirty feet and bong water. I am personally hoping the boys win, so I can watch them at the final five. I will go regardless, but it’s a lot more fun to get drunk and talk smack to Sioux and Gopher fans when we are still in the tourney.