Monday, December 6, 2010

Wisconsin Recruiting: McCoshen in future plans?

With the 2011 recruiting class complete, and only a spot or two left in the 2012 class, it's time to start focusing on the future. Wisconsin at this point doesn't have a true 2013 commitment (Tim Davison and Brad Navin are 2012 or 2013). It's been rare in Eaves tenure at Wisconsin that he doesn't have a prospect locked up that far down the line.

One of the elite targets for that 2013 recruiting class that I've alerted you to on this blog in the past is Hudson, Wisconsin defenseman Ian McCoshen who is currently playing with the Waterloo Black Hawks of the USHL.

McCoshen is one of only a handful of 1995 born players in the country playing in the USHL. If you check his stats out, you'll notice that he's only played in 4 of Waterloo's 18 contests so far this season. Don't let that fool you, McCoshen is an elite talent that PK O'Handley at Waterloo is bringing along slowly, putting him in spots that he can succeed. Expect the 6'2, 190 pound defensemans minutes to expand exponentially as he gets more comfortable in the USHL.

In an effort to expand our coverage and make this site one of the best resources for Wisconsin hockey on the interenet, we've been providing you with exclusive interviews with potential recruits this season. We've already featured NTDP defenseman Joey Fiala (who later committed to Western Michigan) and Shattuck St. Marys forward Zach Stepan (who is still undecided).

McCoshen was kind enough to do an interview with us on Monday. We can't thank him enough for the time. Very mature for a kid his age.

Chuck Schwartz: You made the move from Shattuck St. Marys (Prep School) to the USHL this season. Can you tell us a little bit about the decision to make that jump and why you decided to make that move instead of staying at Shattuck?

Ian McCoshen: The process to make the decision to play in the USHL started in the summer of 2009. I went to Waterloo's tryout camp and made it up until the all star game. Then I saw that another young defenseman Nick Ebert (1994 birthdate) had made the team. So I essentially said to myself and my dad that could be me in one year. Also the decision to not stay at Shattuck - St. Marys for another year seemed like a terrible idea at the beginning of this year but it has worked out really well.

Another thing was that I played with the 94 team the year before and I wanted to move up with them and that is not what SSM is about. They have it planned for you without your consent. Other wise it was by far the best year of my life with buddies and playing hockey with them too.

CS: Elite prospects that are developed as much as you are for your age are always under consideration for Canadian Major Juniors. You’ve had no problem in the past making a move to further your development. Is the OHL something that you’re considering at this point?

McCoshen: Honestly just a little bit, but college is still the number one priority for me.

CS: I know you spent a lot of time playing with the Fire (AAA Youth Program) and Shattuck but it has to be cool to see other Hudson kids doing well at the next level (Davis Drewiske in the NHL, Andy Bohmbach wrapped up a nice career at UW, Jake Drewiske captain at St. Lawrence).

McCoshen: It's always good for the community that you grow up in to get recognition for their hard work and determination to work for a goal like say college or another step the NHL. I used to go to the games when Bohmbach and Drewiske were studs for the Hudson Raiders. Also it is just inspiration for the younger kids growing up in the association to see where they got with hard work.

CS: Being one of the top 1995 born players in the country you’ll most likely have your pick of colleges should you go that route. Can you tell us a little about what you’re looking for in a school?

McCoshen: Academics, athletics and place to play all four years. Coaching staff is a big part of it. Does it socially fit me as a person? How is the travel for the athletics? Is hockey big at that school? A place to call my home for the best years of my life.

CS: I know you’re a few years out from entering college, but I’m sure you’ve had some contact with some schools. Can you tell us whom you’ve been in contact with and who you are considering?

McCoshen: Minnesota, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. I have met the Wisconsin defensive coach (Bill Butters). I like him and I have met a guy from Ohio State who was a great guy too. Also I haven't made a decision, and wont for a while yet.

CS: You will be eligible for the NTDP as well next year. If presented with an opportunity, would that be something that you would be interested in or would you prefer to stay with Waterloo?

McCoshen: It is a great honor to play for your country at any time with the best players your age from all over the U.S.. I have to stay loyal to the Waterloo Black Hawks for giving me this opportunity. I would have to say that I will stay with Waterloo. They believe in me in ways I haven't discovered yet. I have to just keep being positive and working my way up the ladder and keep getting confidence from each game played.

CS: Most of our readers haven’t gotten a chance to see you play. Can you give us a little scouting report on your style of play and who you maybe try and style your game after?

McCoshen: I am a big guy who can be physical. I am continually working on the defense part of my game. I feel i'm a good skater but I still work on that daily. Some offense ability, I work on that everyday as well. Pretty good shooting ability, while still working on that everyday as well. Maybe a Shea Weber.
Like I mentioned earlier in the post, we can't thank Ian enough for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this interview with us. We'll be tracking his progress with Waterloo over the next few seasons.
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