Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday, I'm in Love

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love

BADGER MEN v. bemidji state: FRI / SAT 7PM
We definitely want to get the crowd into it right away and let them know that this is a tough place to play and somewhere that they are going to hate to come back to. - Sean Dolan

[The Beavers] are hard workers. It’s going to be a challenge and we have to match that on our end. - Sean Dolan

We are 4-6-2 in our league and that’s just not going to cut it. Hopefully we can get two wins here this weekend and get on a roll. - Jake Gardiner [Henson]

I think we have more energy - I don’t want to say we’ve had more of a commitment to defense because if you take a look all year, we’ve played a lot of good games and still lost. Some things just probably went our way and we were tough to play against. - Tom Serratore.

The keys to the game for sure is do the right things, the small things the whole game. We’ve got to go into Wisconsin. It’s a tough arena to play in, and we have to go out there in the first 10 minutes and establish our game and establish how tough we are on pucks and how smart we can play with the puck … Hopefully we win all those little battles and at the end of the game we come out victorious. - Matt Read [Stromgren]
UW: 4-6-2 WCHA, 8-7-3 overall (last weekend 1-2, 3-1 @ uaa)
bsu: 4-7-1 WCHA, 5-8-1 overall (last weekend 3-0, 3-1 v. uno)

Gameday Links
- Friday: live - TVW, Charter Extra, Time Warner Sports; tape delay - Wisconsin Channel (11PM Fri and 12PM Sat)
- Saturday: live - FSN Wisconsin; tape delay - Wisconsin Channel (10PM Sat and 12PM Sun)
Radio: Friday/Saturday WIBA 1310
Audio webstream: insideBADGERSPORTS ($9.95/mo), beaverradionetwork (free)
Video webstream:
- live: Friday only, outside WI only - insideBADGERSPORTS ($9.95/mo)
- delay: Friday 11PM/Sat 12PM & Sat 10PM/Sun 12PM - The Wisconsin Channel (free)
Live stats: CBSSports GameTracker - Friday, Saturday
Live blog: none
Live tweetcast: CHN

Weekly Shooutout Winner
This week, THE DANGEROUS JORDY MURRAY won the shootout over his linemates, 1st-star Zengerle and Craig Smith. What fun!

Previous Winners:
12/2 Tyler Barnes
11/25 Hobey Mersch
11/18 Jordy Murray
11/11 Justin Schultz
11/04 Scott Gudmandson
10/28 Ryan Little
10/21 Jefferson Dahl
10/14 Keegan Meuer

(Thanks again to Paul Capobianco.)

Per Baggot, Eaves made a couple of changes in the lineup to send a message. Here's how things looked on Wednesday, with Eaves indicating that things may (or may not) change again this weekend. (Baggot hasn't yet posted yesterday's lines.) The top two forward lines are what we've been accustomed to, but the other two are a bit different, with Podge Turbull and Ryan Little switching lines. Gavin Hartzog, who made the trip to Anchorage last weekend but did not play, replaces Jason Clark on the 4th line
Jordy Murray - Craig Smith - Mark Zengerle
Michael Mersch - Derek Lee - Tyler Barnes
Patrick Johnson - Sean Dolan - Podge Turnbull
Gavin Hartzog - Jefferson Dahl - Ryan Little

Jake Gardiner - Justin Schultz
Craig Johnson - John Ramage

Frankie Simonelli - Eric Springer

Scott Gudumandson
Brett Bennett
Baggot didn't say anything about the D or G positions, so I'm assuming the D pairings remain the same and that Goody will start tonight.

beaver lines
Sorry, I don't have 'em.

Series Previews
uwbadgers: preview, game notes
bsubeavers: preview, game notes
Baggot (WSJ): UW men's hockey vs. bemidji state university (no link yet, the last time he had a preview with opponent's lines was Nov 19/20 v. UMD, *sigh*)
Baggot (WSJ): Eaves sends a message
Sternberg/Evans (Daily Cardinal): Ryan, Eaves look for improvement over break
Henson (Badger Herald): New WCHA foe Bemidji St. visits Kohl
Stromgren (Bemidji Pioneer): Bemidji State men's hockey team faces Wisconsin in first-half finale

Other Articles/Links
Baggot (WSJ): Badgers look for more balance on their attack

The Usual Suspects
CHN: Tale of the Tape, Team of the Week: Bemidji State
USCHO: This Week in the WCHA (Spisak), WCHA Picks (Spisak/Buckentine), Weekend of (Spisak), Bakala, Thompson, Gron earn USCHO 3 Stars for Dec. 8 (staff)
INCH: WCHA notebook, Friday Four-cast, First Shift (Bakala is Player of the Week)
WCHA: This Week in the WCHA Radio Show, CC’s Schwartz, BSU’s Bakala, MSU’s Cook, DU’s Zucker Named Red Baron® WCHA Players of the Week
Goon's World: Weekend Match-ups (Sioux 7)

Has anyone noticed that USCHO's This Week in the WCHA is starting to strongly resemble INCH's WCHA notebook in that it only really talks about a couple of teams in the WCHA? Back in the day (miss ya, Todd & Eric), it actually talked about the entire league. *sigh*

The WCHA's Finest
- Just because I look so stupid that Badger fans would recognize me anywhere . . . umm, well, ... umm . .. - Todd Anderson

- I'm telling you Mike, if we take the time to make the right call each time, we'll never finish this game. Sometimes ya just gotta make a call and move on, we wanna get out of here to make our reservation at Red Lobster. - Don Adam

- Mike, I thought you knew, we just make this **** up as we go along. Really, you didn't know? (Oh crap, Derek told me to keep that to myself. I hope he doesn't call Dad!) - Brad Shepherd
3-Derek Shepherd; 4-Todd Anderson; 5-Justin Brown; 7-Don Adam; 8-Tom Sterns; 9-C.J. Beaurline; 10-Peter Friesema; 11-Tim Walsh; 12-Butch Mousseaux (R-L); 14- Brian Thul; 15-Marco Hunt; 17-Craig Welker; 18-Max Battimo; 20-Brad Albers; 21-Paul Depyudt; 22-Bill Mason; 23-Matt Ulwelling (R-L); 24-Jon Campion; 25-Mike McCreary; 27-Jonathan Morrison; 29-Scott Bokal; 31-Brett Klosowski; 33-Brad Shepherd.

Linesmen (at UW)
34-Ed Moberg; 38-Dan Carey; 42-Dan Dineen; 51-Mike Gulenchyn; 65-Matt Gerlach; 87-Brad Roethlisberger.

GreatPotowotamiChief says . . .
"Me'skwak Msuguk wisnuk muk...kogannish winsIsen" . . . "RedBadger eat-up beaver...Get two pelts."

HatchetJoe says . . .
"3 pts." (come on Joe, The Chief says 2 W's, what's your problem?)

ToT says . . .
"Bring another round of bluegills . . ." (Hmm, I'm pretty sure this was actually said by HatchetJoe . . .)