Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Culver's Camp Randall Hockey Classic Update

Back in July, when Barry Alvarez announced that Culver's would be sponsoring the Camp Randall Hockey "Classic", he made note of the fact that UW had sold 20,000 tickets to the event. (See our blog entry and Baggot's blog entry)

Alvarez, Mike Eaves and Co. seemed cautiously optimistic that the event might still hit the world record by selling out the event. I know that I was skeptical, although I wanted to see how things were later in the fall, when youth hockey schedules were out and when "UW has a chance to pimp this event non-stop during the football season."

Turns out, there's hope for a sellout yet. I just checked the ticket website on UWBadgers.com, and they are claiming that the entire lower bowl has sold out, except for the south end zone seats (sections Y1-3, YZ and Z1-3). I tried a quick search for four tickets in YZ, and it put me all the way back in row 38. The upper deck seats aren't going on sale until the lower bowl sells out.

I don't have much of a handle on what capacity would be at Camp Randall if they don't sell any upper deck tickets, but this is certainly very promising to see.