Friday, November 27, 2009

College Hockey Showcase Outlook

Is this the last season of the annual College Hockey Showcase? The event which was created in 1993 faces a very realistic possibility that this could be the end.

We had a weird off season news wise with the announcements of the Culvers Camp Randall game, Bemidji and Nebraska-Omaha entering the league, and talk of a Big Ten Hockey conference as well as talk that Wisconsin had internal talks about joining the CCHA. Lost in the shuffle was the news about the potential abortion of the CHS.

From an Andy Baggot update in late October, "UW is looking to incorporate CCHA member Ohio State, the fifth hockey-playing entity from the Big Ten, into the rotation. That could result in a series with the Buckeyes one year, followed by one with Michigan and Michigan State the next."

I know that the interest generated by the College Hockey Showcase has been down in recent years, but I still absolutely love the current format. In my opinion it would be an absolute travesty to only be able to play Michigan once every three seasons.

The hockey history that Ohio State brings to the table pales in comparison to the histories of Michigan and Michigan State. To tell you the truth, if Ohio State didn't have the Big Ten name legacy, their hockey program wouldn't have a pot to piss in. They play in a huge arena and get zero fan support. The last thing I want to do is skip a bi-annual trip to legendary facilities like Yost and Munn so that we can play in front 4,200 fans in a facility that seats 17,000? What a joke.

2009 College Hockey Showcase Predictions

Friday Night vs Michigan State

In my opinion Wisconsin is the best team in the showcase this year. If they are the best, State has to be second. I think that Wisconsin comes out and dominates from the beginning. The talent is too much to overcome for Michigan State.

Wisconsin 5, Michigan State 2

Saturday Night vs Michigan

Michigan is always a battle no matter what. They weren't predicted to finish as high as they were for no reason. With that said, I still think we're a much better team and should take care of business.

Wisconsin 3, Michigan 2

Photo by RedHeat15