Friday, January 14, 2011

Bi6 Ten Hockey Conference to start in 2014?

The blog "College Hockey High Horse" which apparently covers Minnesota-Duluth hockey has an update this afternoon that his source at the NCAA winter meetings going on right now in San Antonio, TX is saying that a Bi6 Ten Hockey Conference is set to start in the fall of 2014.

A few things about this report. First of all, until today I've never heard of this blog. Not that it isn't credible, just simply stating, I've never heard of it until today.

Second of all, I think anyone could take a guess that 2014 would be the year the conference would start. Pretty much every article written about the formation of the new conference has conceded that 2014 is the target date for the conference.

So I'm not sure if we have any new information here really or not. We know that the leagues (WCHA and CCHA) as they are set up right now will not be the same in 2014. We know that most likely there will be a Bi6 Ten Hockey conference. And we know that there had already been a target date of 2014 for the new conferences to be set.
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