Friday, January 7, 2011

Badger Women vs. aOSU in "An" Ohio State University. In fact, as I learned yesterday on a drive to Toledo for business, there is at least one satellite OSU campus (further research shows that there are four). Which means that "the" Ohio State University is just one of many, and therefore has no right to use the word "The".

But I digress.

It's not that often that our beloved Badgers travel to Columbus, Ohio, especially for hockey. With the men's hockey teams in different conferences, I doubt that I'll see them make the 8-hour bus ride to my adopted neck of the woods in the near future. But the women's team is a different story, as they are in town this weekend to take on the Buckeye ladies. Maybe the word "ladies" is a little generous.

But I digress again.

This weekend, the Buckeyes will miss their top overall scorer (31 points), Laura McIntosh, and their leading goal-scorer (17), Natalie Spooner, this weekend. Both are playing for the Canadian U-22 team in Switzerland at the MLP Cup. Meanwhile, Wisconsin will be without four players, Stefanie McKeough and Brittany Haverstock on the blueline and Mallory Deluce and Carolyn Prevost at forward, all playing in the same tournament. Luckily for my viewing pleasure, the USA is not playing in this tournament, meaning Hilary Knight and leading scorer Meghan Duggan will both be with the team in Columbus. Also, if you can tell me what MLP stands for, you win a bonus life point, because I can't find it on my quick scan of the internets.

I'll be tweeting live from tonight's game starting at 7:00 Eastern, and hopefully at tomorrow's 4:00 faceoff as well, so keep your Twitter accounts locked to @TexWestern. It's a great day for hockey! ...Even if it is at the 1,000-seat OSU Ice Rink instead of the Kohl Center.