Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Former Badger Recruit Chooses North Dakota

As a 14 year old, Jordan Schmaltz and his parents approached the Wisconsin coaching staff. As one of the top 1993 born players in the country, the UW staff made Schmaltz an offer and he accepted, all before he had even stepped foot on a high school campus.

Less than two years later Schmaltz was calling Mike Eaves to let him know that he was backing out of his verbal commitment and was opening up his recruitment.

It was announced today that Schmaltz has committed to his second school only mere months into his junior year of high school. For those who have followed Schmaltlz, you won't be surprised that he has chosen North Dakota, the same school where his father and uncles both played college football.

Like I mentioned when I wrote the article about Schmaltz decommitting, I guess the biggest disappointment in the situation is that he and his family approached the Wisconsin staff about playing there, not the other way around. And they did this all before he was even in high school. I think the lesson to be learned here, one that I've preached over, and over again to young players, is to take your time before committing to a school. There is absolutely no need to make a commitment when your 15, or 14 or whatever.

Additionally, if you're choosing a school based on the coaches that are in place, especially when you're committing at least 4 years in advance of you actually attending the school, you're choosing the school for the wrong reasons. There are head coaching changes all the time and even more assistant coaching changes.

Best of luck to Jordan at North Dakota, except when you play Wisconsin

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