Friday, June 4, 2010

2010 Hobey Baker Winner, 1st Team All American & 1st Team WCHAer named USA Hockey College POY

One more National Award for Blake Geoffrion, he has been named USA Hockey College Player of the Year.

If you are in Colorado Springs on June 10th, you can see him accept the award in person at a "night of tribute."

It should also be mentioned that Blake graduated the other weekend w/ a degree in Consumer Science, and this was a proud accomplishment on top of everything he did on the ice. This article is a little old, but Andy Baggot had an outstanding write up about the KickAss Captain's graduation.

I think the end of the USA Hockey piece explains why Blake was such a great player (bold emphasis mine):

Geoffrion was also a prominent presence on the one of the nation’s top power-play killing teams. The senior did all the little things that helped the Badgers succeed, including serving as the team’s top faceoff artist by winning nearly 60 percent of faceoffs in the season.

As a senior, Geoffrion also led off the ice. As one of the team’s three captains, he was consistently the team’s vocal motivator in and out of the rink.

Captain Asskicker will be missed next season, but the memories of his magical season will never be forgotten by Badger fans who witnessed it. He brought home the first Hobey in team history and led his teammates to the National Championship game. #7 would have been icing on the cake, but it does nothing to take away from the accomplishments of #5, on AND off the ice.

I'm not sure where Blake will be next season (either Milwaukee or Nashville), but it sure would be cool if his schedule worked to have a little tribute night at the Kohl Center when Alabama Huntsville comes to town early in the season. Blake's brothers will be suiting up for the Chargers, and his family will be in attendance; it sure would be fun!

Outstanding picture by HockeyFan.