Monday, June 7, 2010

2011 Recruit Hesketh Has Torn Shoulder Labrum **UPDATE** NOT TRUE


Thanks to a report by @FargoForceBlog, it's come to light that 2011 Wisconsin defense recruit Troy Hesketh has a torn labrum in his shoulder. The report indicates that if he chooses to have surgery, he will be out 4-5 months.

To be honest, I have not gone to medical school so I am not qualified to make a real assessment, but in the past from what I've heard about this type of injury, surgery is not required. That said, if he doesn't get this fixed, it could become an issue down the road. As a defenseman, and playing in a physical sport like hockey, the shoulder is very important.

The best thing going forward for Hesketh is that he is going to receive great medical advice. Having already been drafted by the Oilers, there is absolutely no way that they will let just any joe schmo doctor off the street handle Hesketh. They want to protect their prospects and they will make sure that this situation is handled correctly. You can also assume that the staffs at Wisconsin and Fargo (USHL) will be involved in the process as well to make sure everything goes smooth.

Assuming he takes about 5 months to rehab and get back, Hesketh should be back and playing for Fargo sometime in November. With the USHL season starting in early October, Hesketh will only miss about 8-10 games. With a 60 game USHL schedule not including playoffs, Hesketh should get plenty of time on the ice for the Force this upcoming season before heading to Wisconsin in 2011.