Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekend Lineup Set

According to an Andy Baggot blog update tonight, it looks like Aaron Bendickson is going to be ok from his Tuesday scooter crash and will be in the lineup for this weekends huge series at the DECC.

There have been some minor changes to the lines that Wisconsin will take up to Duluth this weekend. The top two lines stay the same from Saturday but the third and fourth lines have been shaken up slightly. Andy Bohmbach and Ben Grotting have traded places in what is in my opinion, the correct move. Somehow, Patrick Johnson is still in the lineup.

Jordy Murray-Blake Geoffrion-Craig Smith
Ben Street-Derek Stepan-Michael Davies
Andy Bohbmach-Aaron Bendickson-John Mitchell
Ben Grotting-Sean Dolan-Patrick Johnson

Extra forward making trip: Matt Thurber

Ryan McDonagh-Jake Gardiner
Brendan Smith-John Ramage
Cody Goloubef-Justin Schultz

Extra defenseman makin trip: Craig Johnson

Goaltenders will be decided after Wisconsin travels to Duluth.

Projected Duluth lineup from Kevin Pates:

Mike Connolly-Jack Connolly-Justin Fontaine
Rob Bordson-Travis Oleksuk-Mike Seidel
Jordan Fulton-Drew Akins-David Grun
Cody Danberg-Dan DeLisle-Jake Hendrickson

Dylan Olsen-Mike Montgomery
Wade Bergman-Brady Lamb
Scott Kishel-Chad Huttel

Again, thanks to Andy Baggot and Kevin Pates for blog updates with the lineups.