Saturday, January 23, 2010

Should Eaves Go Back To Gudmandson Tonight?

I haven't gotten an opportunity to see the lineup tonight so if it has already been released somewhere pardon my ignorance. I am looking for some input from readers on whether or not Eaves should go back to Gudmandson tonight in net for the Badgers.

Gudmandson is having a nice season for the Badgers but so has Brett Bennett. When Bennett got hurt a few weeks ago Goody played really well in back to back games at North Dakota. But last weekend, Eaves gave Gudmandson an opportunity to seize the starting position by starting him both nights and on Saturday he didn't play as well. Granted the team didn't give him much help.

I'm torn on the issue because I think Brett Bennett needs some action as he's only played in one game, the exhibition vs the U18 team in like a month. But I also feel like the Badgers need to find one starting goaltender to go to down the stretch eventually.

So what do you guys think? Gudmandson played well enough last night to probably get the start tonight but does Bennett need action too?

Photo by RedHeat15