Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Morning Link Central

In an effort to become as user friendly as possible, the Sixty Minutes. No Alibis. No Regrets. blog has taken the next step and gotten a twitter account. I'm fairly new to the twitter scene so you'll have to bear with me in this experimental phase.

I'm not sure exactly what we're going to use the account for but it will be nice to get information out without having to make a full blog post every time. It will also be nice to post things on twitter from the blackberry since it's virtually impossible to do a blog post that way. We may experiment with game updates but we'll make sure we let you know here before we do it there.
On the recruiting front, Wisconsin native Garrett Allen seems to be a name picking up steam lately. He's been playing very well for Fargo (USHL) with 27 points through 36 games. Allen, a 1992 born forward has previously played For the Wisconsin AAA program, The Milwaukee JR. Admirals, and Team Illinois.

Allen, a Delafield, WI native has been talked about on this site before. He's known to have family ties to the Colorado schools (CC and Denver). Being an elite player from Wisconsin, you know that he's on Eaves radar as well. I've also heard recent talk about an offer from another elite WCHA program as well but that hasn't been confirmed.

I would expect Allen to probably end up making a commitment before the end of the hockey season. Being that he's currently a senior in high school, Allen (most likely) will end up being a 2011 forward recruit.

As it looks right now, we have six forwards lined up to replace seven forwards in 2010, and four forward commitments lined up to replace four forwards for 2011 (Yes I'm counting Stepan). Not taking into account the possibility of a transfer or early departure we more than have room for Allen in the 2011 class.

Cue the ensuing Baggot article. Just kidding. But seriously.
Ok, so i made fun of Baggot, I better link something good that he did. He has a nice article up today on former Badger womens goaltender and 2009 Patty Kaz winner Jessie Vetter.

By the sound of it, Vetter got a sick sendoff in her former town of Cottage Grove, Wisconsin on Monday. Vetter is a member of the current womens Olympic hockey team that will be skating at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.
I should probably start doing this more but if your looking for some more coverage of this weekends Wisconsin series with Duluth you can check out these sites:

Runnin' With The Dogs
The Ciskie Blog (Bruce Ciskie, former? UMD radio announcer)
Rink & Run (Kevin Pates, UMD beat writer)
The Monday polls came out as usual. Wisconsin is ranked number two in both national media polls. But we all know polls don't matter. If you read Bracketology on Sunday night, you know that Wisconsin is still third in the Pairwise Ranking.
I don't think I've been giving this my due diligence, but former Wisconsin beat writer Todd Milewski is doing awesome work over on USCHO to keep his hockey fix intact. He had a great article up on Saturday night after the game talking about the atmosphere this weekend.

I really like the stuff that Milewski puts out there and it's still sad that he was forced into a new role.