Saturday, January 16, 2010

Way Too Early NCAA Bracketology

Ok, I realize that this is way too early and there will be a ton of changes. But this is a fun thing to track as the season progresses. Here is an early look at what the NCAA tournament would look like if the season ended after last night (Friday). As of right now the Badgers would be a number 1 seed out in Albany according to the USCHO poster "Priceless."

Albany            Worcester   Fort Wayne     St. Paul
1. Wisconsin 1. Ferris 1. Miami 1. Denver
2. North Dakota 2. Duluth 2. St Cloud 2. Boston College
3. Bemidji 3. Union 3. Michigan St 3. Colorado College
4. New Hampshire 4. UMass 4. Vermont 4. AHA Champ

Here is the current PWR which is used to seed the teams.

1. Denver
2. Miami
3. Wisconsin
4. Ferris State

5. Minnesota Duluth
6. St. Cloud
7. North Dakota
8. Boston College

9. Michigan State
10. Colorado College
11. Bemidji State
12. Union

13. Massachusets
14. New Hampshire
15. Vermont
16. Atlantic Hockey Champion