Friday, January 22, 2010

Update on Camp Randall Hockey Classic tickets

There's a lot more left than we've feared. Either that, or there's more upper deck seating than I ever would have imagined.

From today's Badger Hockey Insider e-mail (which, again, I would highly recommend our readers to subscribe to):

Earlier this week, the number of tickets sold has moved past the 40,890 that attended the Frozen Tundra Hockey Classic at Lambeau Field in 2006. The Culver’s Camp Randall Hockey Classic will now officially have more attending than this year’s NHL Winter Classic at Fenway Park in Boston and last year’s NHL event at Wrigley Field. The current ticket total ranks fourth all-time at the moment.

40,000+ fans is nothing to slouch at, to be sure. But it is still falling well short of the original hopes of the event (sell out Camp Randall, set attendance records, etc.).

Granted, there are probably plenty of people out there that are simply waiting to see the whether forecast before they buy tickets (at least, that's the excuse I heard from one person at work today). Here's hoping.