Sunday, May 3, 2009

Solway Returns To Bowling Green

In a turn of events that I don't believe anyone saw coming, David Solway, a Green Bay native, has rescinded on his original decision to transfer from Bowling Green.

If you remember correctly, about a month ago Solway, Rhinelander native Patrick Tiesling, and freshman defenseman Nick Bailen all decided they were leaving the Bowling Green program. The main reason was the uncertainty that the Bowling Green hockey program was possibly going to fold.

This is what Solway had to say after the initial decision to transfer, "As a player, you like to have guarantees going forward. I’m not 100 percent confident with that situation."

Being a Green Bay native, there were rumors that Solway may have interest in transferring to Wisconsin. The Badger beat writer, Andy Baggot, showed his intelligence by stating he didn't think there was a possibility of the transfer because UW is overloaded at forwards for next season. I would hope that being a beat writer for this long he would have been able to realize that transfers need to sit out a season.

With Wisconsin losing 6 senior forwards (edit: 7) next season, along with the possibility of an early departure from a kid like Derek Stepan, Solway made absolutely perfect sense for Wisconsin. I think Eaves and company probably felt the same way.

Unfortunately he's decided to head back to Bowling Green to finish out his career.