Friday, April 15, 2011

Team USA U18 World Championship Update

2011 Wisconsin defense recruit Jake McCabe from Eau Claire has agreed to do a correspondence piece with us while he is in Crimmitschau, Germany representing the United States for the 2011 IIHF U18 World Championships. Jake will be updating us as the red, white, and blue chase their third straight U18 World Championship gold medal.

The Americans just kicked off the tournament yesterday with their first real game after going 1-1 in pre-tournament exhibition play. Jake was kind enough to check in after the American squad played Switzerland in their opener yesterday. Thanks again Jake.

Editors note: Jake actually sent this in yesterday after their game, I apologize for not posting it sooner.

Jake McCabe, Team USA U18, IIHF U18 World Championships 4/14/2011

"It wasn't pretty but we snuck by the Swiss with a 2-1 win tonight. We definitely had opening game jitters but we found a way to win. This whole year we've been told that the games here are going to be one goal hockey games and we need to find a way which we did tonight.

Once again we had way too many penalties and we weren't committed to our defensive play. When we showed up to the game and the Russians were playing the Slovaks the place was completely packed which was really cool to see. We didn't get quite the turn out they did but it's still good to see the popularity of hockey in Crimmitschau.

Tomorrow we play the Slovaks in the afternoon game and are looking to be much better. Coach is always preaching how the team that improves the most throughout the tournament is going to be the team to win it so that's our goal."

Team USA's Next Game: Friday vs Slovakia

Editors Note: Remember to check back often for updates from Jake. Also, will be web casting all of Team USA's games while they are in Germany (for a small fee). Also, remember that McCabe isn't the only future Badger on the squad, 2012 forward recruit Nic Kerdiles is also on the roster.

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