Monday, April 25, 2011

Jordy Murray gives up final year of eligibility

Sometimes in life there are opportunities that present themselves and if you don't grab them while they are there, they will pass you by forever. Such was the case with Wisconsin forward Jordy Murray who the Sixty Minutes Blog has learned will forgo his senior senior season to sign a professional contract. At this time it's not known which team Murray will sign with but that is expected to be worked out soon.

Due to a loophole possibly closing that provided Murray an opportunity to sign with a professional team in Switzerland because he started his hockey career there when his dad was a coach, Murray needed to jump at the opportunity to sign. Basically, because under the current rules he wouldn't be considered an import player (Swiss teams can only have 4 imports) he was due to make significantly more money. But it was learned recently that that loophole may close, and that wasn't a risk Murray could afford.

Murray, who notified team officials and teammates on Monday of his decision finished his career at Wisconsin with 60 points in three seasons. The former Shattuck St. Mary's star always had a deadly shot, finding the net 38 times during his tenure in Madison. An assassin on the power play, Murray was 6th in the nation in power play goals as a junior with 11.

There are times when underclassmen sign pro contracts and it doesn't make a lot of sense and you wonder if they would have been better off finishing their four years at the college level. I can't say that for Jordy. The risk if he didn't sign financially was too significant to pass up and I support his decision 100%. I wish Mr. Murray all the best in the future and hope that he has a long, healthy professional hockey career.

Photo by Melody Hasse

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