Thursday, July 8, 2010

Recruiting Spreadsheet Updated

Well, I haven't updated the committed recruit section in a while. Since my last update at the end of May we've received commitments from Morgan Zulinick and Joe Faust. We've also had a de-commitment from Jordan Schmaltz. So check it out, with full season statistics for every committed player. I'm sure you guys will find a mistake or two, so post a comment and I'll fix it.

I also had not updated the potential recruit page since March. I spent over two hours tonight updating it and adding a number of players. This is by far our most extensive list and I'm very happy with where it is at. I've added a new feature to help people kind of gauge how good the prospects that we are recruiting are. Obviously it's not perfect but it will give you some sort of an idea.

I also finally got sick of reading the comment section on this blog and the guy (or girl) who after every recruiting post was begging for me to update the recruiting spreadsheets. So this is for you, I hope you're happy!