Monday, July 19, 2010

2010/11 Men's Roster has the 2010/11 roster up. No background info yet on the freshman, though if you are a regular reader of the blog, you probably know a lot of about all the freshman.

Here is the roster for quick reference:

1 Scott Gudmandson
3 Craig Johnson
4 Eric Springer
5 Chase Drake
6 Justin Schultz
7 Tyler Barnes
8 Podge Turnbull
9 Mark Zengerle
10 Patrick Johnson
12 Keegan Meuer
13 Gavin Hartzog
14 Jefferson Dahl
15 Craig Smith
16 Sean Dolan
18 Sean Little
19 Jake Gardiner
20 Ryan Little
23 Derek Lee
24 Joe Faust
25 Michael Mersch
27 Frankie Simonelli
28 Jordy Murray
29 Jason Clark
33 Brett Bennett
35 Mitch Thompson
55 John Ramage

Joe Faust will sign his LOI soon, and then added to the roster. Not sure what number he'll take but #2 and #17 would be good choices since the last guys to where those jersey #'s were pretty damn good!

Edit: Gavin Hartzog does not appear yet on the roster either, assuming he will about the same time Faust does.

Edit on July 22nd: Added Hartzog and Faust to the roster now that they have signed LOI's. The roster appears complete.