Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bloomington D-Man Faust Commits To Badgers

An Internet rumor that Joe Faust might be headed for UW after decommitting from Princeton is baseless.-Andy Baggot (6/21/10)

In my best Lee Corso voice, not so fast my friend.

Chris Heisenberg's college hockey recruiting website is now listing Bloomington Jefferson defenseman Joe Faust as a Wisconsin commitment. In addition, College Hockey Recruit Exchange has also mentioned the Faust commitment.

I spoke with Faust early this morning who confirmed the commitment. "Yes I have committed to Wisconsin for this season and I am very excited to soon be a Badger."

Faust, a 5'11, 190 pound defenseman was recently selected in the NHL Draft. The New Jersey Devils selected Faust in the fourth round, 114th overall.

Minnesota Hockey Prospects website had this to say about Faust, "Has the patience to control the puck and wait for a developing play rather than forcing it. Makes great outlet passes that generate odd man rushes and has demonstrated the ability to pass in traffic. Has a hard, accurate shot. Faust does a good job tying up defenders while keeping his attention on the puck, a skill that hinders many of his peers. Skating is just ok, needs to improve his footwork."

UPDATE (3:00 PM Thursday)-So, I wrote this article originally before talking to Faust. I waited to hear back from him before I posted it. I didn't hear back from him until this morning. I had assumed that this committment was for 2011 and I guess at 5:30 AM I didn't realize in his comment that he said "this season." I have a message into Faust and I'm waiting to hear back. Moral of the story is, don't post at 5:30 AM.

UPDATE (6:30 PM Thursday)-Faust is coming in this season. Thanks to CHRE in the comments section and this article from MN Hockey Hub.

"They have a full defensive corps and I’m a young guy coming in," he said. "I’m going to have to work hard and prove myself." -Joe Faust

Sounds like my kind of player.