Saturday, December 5, 2009

MHKY G15: Badgers 8 - Huskies 2

Yeah, Gandalf's headline was better, and so I was going to just link things up for you at the end of his post, but I *really* wanted to use this picture that had on their men's hockey front page, as I think it really captures the tenor of much of the game last night . . .

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(Nice to see a game story from Todd, isn't it?)

Subway Sub of the Game (per Posick/Cerniglia): Sean Dolan (consistent play, 1 assist off a face-off)

3 Stars (per Posick/Cerniglia):

1. Blake Geoffrion (hat trick)
2. Brendan Smith (strong PP play, 4 assists)
3. entire 4th line - Bohmbach-Dolan-P Johnson (consistent play, 2G, 3A)

Since I picked a picture to capture the tenor of last night's game, I thought I might also pick some quotes that do the same. Blake Geoffrion worked hard, put himself in the right place at the right time, and showed his talent. And the Badgers, despite some sloppy lackadaisical play in the 1st period, clearly dominated the game - there were times where it almost seemed silly to keep playing. (To be fair to the Huskies, they've been bitten badly by the injury bug - I gotta hope that they'd have showed better if they were healthier.)

“Blake’s goals were right where he is supposed to be and he did some things and things happened for him. It kind of set the table for us.” - Mike Eaves

“Yes we had some puck luck in terms of Blake’s first goal going off his skate. Derek Lee’s goal kind of hit two skates and a stick before it went to him. But we scored some goals where we went to the hard areas and manufactured goals.” - Mike Eaves

“Our fourth line could not play tonight. They went out two times and got scored on two times.” - Tech Head Coach Jamie Russell

“[Josh Robinson] was awful. He did not have a good night.” - Tech Head Coach Jamie Russell

"Well, we walked into our locker room up 4-1 and the coaching staff has to be the level there. It didn't seem like we should have been up 4-1. I think sloppy is a good word: we didn't take care of the puck as well as we would have liked to. I thought we tightened things up in the second period and we did a much better job and that carried us through." - Mike Eaves
My favorite quote, though, is this (although I don't think Blake really needed any help from above):
"Paps came down and tapped my skates tonight." - Blake Geoffrion

You know, I haven't been following Tech hockey much this year, but I can't figure out what happened to Josh Robinson (I thought he was Tech's better goalie last year) or why Tech has continued to start him lately. When he was yanked after the 4th goal last night, I think it was the 3rd time in the last 4 games that he's been pulled. Mr 60 pointed out that both Tech goalies let in 4 goals apiece, but I subsequently pointed out that Genoe took 2 periods to do it, whereas Robinson did it in 1, and I thought overall Genoe looked much better than Robinson.

I gotta tell ya, though, I like Wisconsinite Brett Olson, a sophomore forward for the Huskies. He's definitely a bright spot for the Huskies.