Friday, December 11, 2009

CCRHC Jerseys

Not sure when this was decided, but evidently UW is wearing different alternate jerseys from what was worn during the College Hockey Showcase over Thanksgiving weekend. You can see the hideous College Hockey Showcase jerseys in the photo gallery on Michigan's website here. You can't find pictures of them anywhere on probably because the hockey team doesn't play football or basketball. You know how Barry works. There are days when I doubt that he'd even seen a hockey game until 2006.

Back on track: if you get the UW Hockey Insider's e-mail from Paul Capobianco (which I highly recommend), you were informed that you can now buy the Culver's Camp Randall Hockey Classic jerseys at Bucky's Locker Room, or online. You can see them here.

Two alternate jerseys in a year? Someone wants to get more money from jersey sales...

Overall, I think the CCRHC jerseys are EASILY the best third jerseys we've had since the ones we used from about 2004-2006. Classic sort of look, with better looking shoulder patches instead of that childish looking "hockey logo" that the UW AD seems to prefer. The front of the jersey probably looks a little too much like our current road jerseys, with that fancy block font for the "BADGERS" instead of the usual "WISCONSIN" font, and the elbow stripes. But, it's not bad. And that's saying a lot, given our recent history with third jerseys.